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With Get2Chip's RTL Compiler in our COT flow we achieved faster runtime, an improvement in clock speed, correlation of timing with the backend, some reduction in area, and compatibility with our existing EDA tools. Get2Chip is helping us to create superior products and bring them to market in record time in a highly competitive environment."

Michael Raam, VP VLSI
Procket Networks

 Synthesis Concepts
 "G2C Design Hierarchy
 "How to Specify Timing Constraints in G2C format for Logic Synthesis"
 What is Architectural Synthesis?"
 Impact of For Loops Rolling and Unrolling Transformations"
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 "Transitioning to G2C RTL Synthesis"
 "Introduction to Architectural Synthesis"
   "Inter-IC Bus (I2C)  
   "16-Pt, Rad 2 Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)  
   "Triple Data Encryption (3DES)  
   "Ethernet - MAC  
   "Embedded Zero-tree Wavelet Encoding (EZW)  
"I really think there is room for a larger company to emerge around around physical became logic design, the very front end of design. Quite frankly, we've had a whole lot of focus on effects - timing closure and physical synthesis.  It this sexy thing to be around.  But we've got all these huge SOCs, these massively complex designs, and the front-end design and verification process for that is extremely fragmented.  There's a need for leadership there."
- Erach Desai, Desaisive Research 
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G2C-RC Power Flows 
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04/10/03 Get2Chip Acquisition Empowers Cadence with Industry's Best Nanometer-Scale Synthesis Technology  
03/31/03 Get2chip Opens Technical Support Office In India To Support Its Growing Worldwide User Base
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04/29/03 Cadence Encounter Platform Enables Toshiba to Produce World's Fastest Synthesizable 64-Bit MIPS CPU Core  
03/21/03 Get2Chip Claims RTL Synthesis Gains